Our play barn

In a two-year construction period, a play and climbing experience for children under roof, the so-called play barn, was created from a dilapidated riding hall. Play, sports and climbing facilities for children up to the age of 12 were built on an area of approx. 1800 square meters. The play barn was opened on September 1, 2005.
Remodeling and expansion work was carried out for the 2012 winter season. New play facilities were added and existing ones were expanded. The setting of a pirate land was created. In addition, an attached kitchen wing provides enrichment of the food menu with French fries, chicken nuggets and more.

The play barn is part of the overall concept of the facility and cannot be visited separately.

You can experience that here...

Climbing maze

On three floors, children can move through this facility playing, climbing and sliding.

Pirate hideout

The Pirate's Hideaway is a huge climbing and play structure. It extends with us from the floor to a gallery.

Deep ropes course

As the name suggests, the obstacles are located just above the ground.

Ball field

At this point, of course, the guys like to be active, although any girl is welcome to join.

Babyland & This and That

Undisturbed play for the little ones is guaranteed in Babyland.