Our zoo

The zoo was established in 1950 as a classic zoo. Since then, all enclosures have been adapted and renovated to meet modern animal maintenance requirements. A few new buildings were built, such as the giraffe house and a complete renovation of the lion enclosure was carried out.
Large 12-hectare extension grounds were designed with a 4-hectare centrally located large Africa site for various plains animals, such as giraffes, antelopes, zebras and ostriches.
A good 600 animals are currently residents at our zoo.


35 different types of mammals live in the zoo, from giraffes to the world’s smallest monkey – the pygmy marmoset. This of course also includes petting enclosures, allowing direct contact with the animals. Feed the goats, sheep and alpacas with special homemade feed.


We have the largest variety of bird species. Our residents currently include 70 different types of species. These include feathered friends who love more tropical climates, who you will find freely flying around the tropical house, to cold-climate penguins.