Excellent hospitality

A break is always welcome after spending a few delightful hours at a leisure facility. There is an overabundance of delicacies on offer for these occasions.

There is no place in our park better suited than the area beneath our historic lime tree. Research has shown that the tree was planted more than 260 years ago. Since then it is specially contoured each year into an umbrella shape and kept this way. The leafy roof has in the meantime grown to such an extent that you can stay dry even when it is pouring.

Our gastronomy

The self-service restaurant

With extensive food and beverage assortment.

The Lindencafe

Linger under a 270 year old umbrella linden.

The feed stall

Chips in front of and in the play barn

The Saloon

Take a rest in the theme park Grizzly Adventure.

An ice cream anyway

Whether it's popsicles or slash, we've got you covered.


Our food and beverage assortment